By eating at Christmas, you must have become almost like a fat elephant! Do you feel ugly when you stand in front of the mirror? Thinking of losing weight, meanwhile not wanting to go to the gym for him! Don’t take the tension. To reduce your stress, we have come up with an easy way to lose weight in just 4 weeks. Take a look.

How much weight will you lose?

This is but one significant thing before you start losing weight. Measure your weight first, then see exactly how much weight you want to lose in these 4 weeks. Please make a note of it in your mobile reminder or a notebook. Now you can make your next 4 weeks of eating and exercise routine accordingly.

How many calories do you eat a day?

It looks like BT ain’t for me either Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me. Followed by fatigue and constant tiredness Weight loss will be. Before that, look at your height and how much weight you need to be normal. Now measure your height and weight and calculate how many calories you will eat in a day. For this, you can download any fitness tracker on your phone. Divya will tell you how many calorie meals you can eat in a day if you input your height and weight. Make your diet chart accordingly.

What to eat?

Maintaining a proper diet chart is very important for weight loss. Protein, fruits, vegetables — everything should be in your diet.

1. Eat more lean protein. Lean protein contains many nutrients and does not contain fat at all, so just as calories enter your body, so do the necessary proteins and fibre. Eat at least 80-110 grams of lean protein every day, such as at lunch or dinner. You can add chicken, eggs, fish, etc. And Red Meat? If you want to lose weight seriously, but it is better to avoid it for 4 weeks.

2. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. It is low in calories and the supply of nutrients and minerals needed for your body, but you will get from there.

3. Ensure that at least 50% of the carbohydrates you eat are whole grains because whole grains have many more fibre and nutrients than normal grains. Moreover, they are much less processed, so their benefits are much higher. When eating bread, eat flour without eating flour—oats at breakfast. You will see that the weight is decreasing very fast.

4. Eat green tea instead of normal tea in the morning.

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Moreover, even if you eat apple cider vinegar, but the weight decreases quickly. So add it to your diet from now on.

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Do not eat grills:

You have to stay out most of the day for machine work. Everyone can’t take tiffin anymore. So you have to eat more or less outside food. But sometimes stop eating grills. Chop-muri or junk food outside, sometimes it is better not to eat chain. Reduce eating cold drinks. If you can, leave it. And yes, don’t eat the wrong food at the wrong time. But instead of losing weight, it can be reversed.

Drink water properly:

To keep the body healthy, but it is imperative to drink water properly. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Exercise rules:

No matter how much you maintain your diet, whatever you do, you will not lose weight unless you exercise physically. Get up early every morning and go for a morning walk. Do jogging. But you can also try yoga. You will see that you are losing weight, and you are also fit and healthy. It is better to know how to ride a bicycle. Ride a bike according to the rules. Swim. And if none of this is possible, do at least some freehand exercises at a certain time of the day at home. But don’t do anything without dimensions.

Keep up to date

And yes, don’t forget to keep up to date on how much weight you have lost, except for one week. Please write it down in a mobile reminder or notebook, where you first measured your weight before you started dieting. You will see that you are getting more energy with the joy of losing weight.

Then don’t worry anymore. Followed by fatigue and constant tiredness Weight loss will be. Are you ready to buy one size small clothes from now on?

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