A fruit banana popular worldwide. This sweet-tasting fruit is a portion of delicious and nutritious food to eat. Bananas provide energy to our body and help our body to overcome various physical problems.

Banana is not only eaten; it is also natural medicine. Again, many people do not like to eat the banana; I tell them that banana is beneficial. Banana is not only delicious to eat, but it also fills the lack of sucrose, fructose, glucose, and fiber in our body.

Scientists have found that playing just two bananas gives us the energy to work at full speed for about 90 minutes. Not only that, banana is one of the fruits of the diet of athletes in the world. You can safely eat bananas because bananas do not contain any fat. Bananas provide energy to our body and prevent us from many other ailments, including mental and physical ailments.

Banana Nutrition:

Well, do you like to eat bananas? If you sit down after reading this article, your love for bananas will increase, and the book will not decrease. And if you don’t like it, I can’t say whether you will start to love it, but I can say that it will change your attitude towards bananas—collar jury match to give you energy in a moment.

Each 100 grams of banana contains 116 calories, 75 mg of calcium and 0.8 mg of iron. , Protein 1.2%, Fat 0.3%, Mineral Salt 0.6%, Fiber 0.4%, Sugar 8.2%, Low Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex 8 mg, Phosphorus 50 mg ., Water 80.1%

Let me give you some information. A survey of some people who suffer from depression or leisure time has shown that they feel better or healthier when they play bananas. Banana contains tryptophan protein which is converted into serotonin hormone in the human body. The hormone serotonin, also known as off-happiness. When the level of this hormone increases in our body, we feel better and feel better. Mood off is a well-known pre-menstrual syndrome. Vitamin B6 in bananas helps in maintaining a good mood by maintaining glucose levels in our body.

Effectiveness of banana in beauty and health protection:

1. Meat curry makes it more delicious:

In some parts of our country, making the meat soft and delicious is cooked by wrapping it with banana leaves. You can get this same result if you use bananas in curry. You bought bananas from the market but still have them raw? What are you thinking? If you can, add banana to the meat curry. This shows that the amount of vitamins and fiber in your curry often increases as the raw bananas lying at home are not wasted.

2. Use bananas to make your hair more attractive:

How many of us do nothing for our beautiful hair. Now bananas can be one of the alternative options in your hair care instead of cosmetics. Bananas can be used as a hair mask if you want. Bananas are rich in vitamin B and folic acid, as well as many other nutrients. So it will greatly help in enhancing the beauty of your hair. You can get better results by adding other natural hair beautifiers to your hair. For natural ingredients, you need a banana, milk, and honey. First, mix the banana, milk, and honey well together. Then apply the mixture to the hair and wait for 20 minutes. Then you wash your hair. The beauty of your hair will increase a lot from before.

3. Bananas to increase skin radiance:

You can easily increase the radiance of your skin by using bananas on your skin. You don’t have to do much with it; crush the banana and apply it to your face. Then leave it like this for 15-20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. This is because bananas are rich in vitamin A, removing dark spots, especially on the face. Another special ingredient is Vitamin-E which will bring a glimmer of youth to your skin. It gives you a piece of good advice if you want to get rid of facial scars on a special occasion or the night before the event, use banana all over your face, and you will get good results.

4. Bananas supply probiotics to the body:

It is essential to take probiotics to control harmful bacteria in our gut. And the growth of harmful bacteria in our gut means that its effects spread widely throughout the body. One of the sources of probiotics is bananas. So we can eat bananas to get rid of bacteria. This is because bananas contain sufficient fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which helps develop beneficial bacteria in the body.

5. You can eat a banana to relieve anxiety:

Many of us may not know that bananas contain much potassium, reducing high blood pressure in our body. Banana also reduces our stress and, at the same time, increases our mental efficiency. This is because bananas regulate the stress hormone called cortisol in our body. So make it a habit to eat a banana before you start any important or stressful work.

6. Helps to lose body weight:

How many of us do nothing to lose weight. But if we can eat bananas regularly, then it will help us to lose weight fast. Eating bananas as an alternative to high-carb foods helps the body lose weight fast. It will also easily relieve you from the craving for sugar as it is the sweet national food. Did you know that a medium-sized banana has only 105 calories? There is also a mineral called chromium, which helps in metabolism.

7. Strengthens physical activity and exercise:

Vitamin-C is needed in our body for major physical activity. Because Vitamin-C strengthens the muscles, ligaments, and veins of the body. And bananas are rich in vitamin C. Since bananas help a lot in physical activity, make it a habit to eat bananas before exercising. It will be extremely beneficial for your body.

8. Bananas will help you sleep:

Doesn’t sleep well at night, side by side in bed? Banana is one of the natural solutions to this problem. Bananas are an excellent source of a type of amino acid called tryptophan. This tryptophan plays an important role in the production of a hormone called serotonin in our body. This hormone brings us peace of mind, even if we are in a bad mood. If you can, eat a banana about an hour before bed so that your body can digest it and make tryptophan and give you gifts at night—a peaceful sleep.

9. Bananas will relieve your migraine:

We may find it very difficult to find people who do not suffer from migration problems. The terrible pain of this headache and migraine can ruin your whole day. But the funny thing is that only bananas can prevent this condition because bananas contain much magnesium, which works great as a natural remedy for headaches. So from now on, if you want to start a headache at any time, eat a banana without delay. You may be able to get rid of the headache.

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