As in spice cooking
Essential, as well as herbal unique.
Medicinal properties of various spices
Different. Use these knowingly
If you do, from the hands of many diseases.
Easily protected. That’s it
Blackberries; Rather why spice it up, all
The best of herbs. According to Islam,
All diseases except death in black cumin
There is a relief. So to Kalojira
As an herb along with spices
Lots of little money to use
More benefits can be gained.
The blacks are bitter, fierce in quality.
Aromatic, appetite enhancer, stomach
Antiseptic and diuretic. This is the abdomen.
Or beneficial in lung diseases. A.
Without worm infestation
It is also used for. Some
It is used for cough and jaundice.
Said. According to Unani, it is a laxative.
He is beneficial to Ashby. Without it
Its use increases breast milk.
There are. Its usage rules are below.

1. Lack of breastfeeding: abdominal discomfort
If there is or to dry the body juice
If there is, the breast is reduced. At this time
The blackberries are lightly fried
7-8 teaspoons at the rate of 500 mg
Mix that amount of milk in the morning
Plays for seven days in the afternoon
Significant results are available.

2. Menstruation: Women
Irregular or short or high
Suffering from discharge,
Five to seven days before their season
Slightly at the rate of 500 mg
Morning and afternoon with hot water
It is to eat. Even after the difficulty
If possible, eat like this for 2-3 consecutive months

3. Extra fault: If this fault is girls
Loses mental balance,
Some are self-satisfied, some
Some are airborne
The body becomes obese again
That is not the case. Again everyone dried that up
Yes, but not. But on the mind
The disease response occurs. Of
As a result, some people also get the insane disease
Is infected. Again no fault in this
Of any female genitalia
Loses function. That
Many more symptoms come along.
In this case, the blackberries are lightly fried
Powdered in the morning and evening
650 mg dose is to be taken
And you have to eat it every month. Thus
Playing for 2-3 months will cure the disease.

4. Contractions of the uterus:
Plays black cumin decoction after delivery
The door of the uterus is compressed and
That leads to breastfeeding.

5. Cochlear implants and menopause: In small doses
Blackheads increase menstruation in girls,
Difficulty and menopause cure the disease. However
Excessive play causes miscarriage.

6. Headache: Raw cold
Having a headache. In this case
Kojima should be tied in a bundle and sniffed.
But before taking it in a bundle, rub it.
Have to take it. It smells and
Is beneficial. In vinegar, without it.
Soaking and sniffing cures headaches.

6. Cold sitting on the head (mucus sitting
Going): In this situation, the blacks are betting
If you apply it to the forehead, it is a fine powder
Sniffing is beneficial.

6. New cold: in this condition
Benefits of sniffing black cumin

9. Chulkani: Kalojira fried oil
Itching in the skin is beneficial.
It contains 25-30 per 100 grams of mustard oil.
He fried the village blackberries and sifted the oil.
Is to be used with.

10. Irritation of scorpion stings: Kalojira
If you put it in the bet, it will take a short time
After that, the irritation of the hull decreases.

11. Throat swelling: due to cold and cough
The glands are swollen; in that case
Kalojira, rice burnt, Musabbar
Apply the batter in equal amounts
Swelling and pain within a day
Both are relieved.

12. Edema: Blackberries in water
If applied, everything including swelling of hands and feet
Reduces edema.

13. Toothache: In hot water
If you do it with the blacksmiths
Toothache is relieved.

14. Ringworm: Kalojira bete palep
All this is beneficial. Without it
In the itching rule mentioned above
It is better to give.

15. Dhabal: Kalojira bete palep
All this is beneficial. Without it
In the itching rule mentioned above
It is better to give.

16. Growing new hair: Kalojira
With the bet on the head for many days
When massaged, new hair grows.

16. Elegance: Mix with ghee
When playing, the face becomes bright, and the color is pale

16. Childbirth: Kalojira
The child plays by boiling in water
Delivery is early.

19. Worms: Soaked in vinegar
Worms are destroyed when blackberries play.

20. Dementia: Dementia and
Kalojira due to memory weakness
Very effective. 3 grams of blackberries 20
If you lick it with milliliters of pure honey
The disease is cured.

21. Jaundice, splenomegaly,
Pain, chest pain, nausea:
Blackberries play these diseases
Surrey. At the same time, massage the bata
It is to do.

22. Urinary incontinence:
The number of blacks who play
The urine becomes clear.

23. If everyone uses herbal remedies together
And preaching among the people
Original, genuine and
Avoid side effects

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