Skin is a susceptible subject. Not everyone’s skin is the same. Everyone’s skin type, color is the same. So everyone’s skin can’t adapt to all kinds of cosmetics.

After doing much make-up, you can see that acne has attacked, which is never desirable. So you have to be careful when using any cosmetics. Cosmetics that can adapt to your skin should be used. And so you need to know what kind of make-up will do no harm to any skin type or how to do make-up on any skin.

First, we will discuss how to apply make-up on oily skin:

The main problem with this skin is that after applying make-up, the skin sweats a lot, and the make-up turns black. Before applying make-up on oily skin, you must clean the skin well. Then apply astringent lotion. After 10 minutes, apply compact powder, apply compact so that the skin does not feel extra shiny. Do not apply for a foundation; if you want to apply foundation, you must apply for the water-based foundation. Mix a drop of water before applying on the skin. If not, you can use a cake foundation or pan stick. However, mix a little water before planting. After applying the foundation, apply the powder, then the foundation will be set on the face. Now use powder blusher and eyeshadow.

How to apply make-up on dry skin:

Dry skin is always seen as a pale white pale. Because in this type of skin, the dead cells appear. So you have to scrub your face well before applying make-up. You can make scrubs at home. In this case, scrub made of any fruit or scrub made with rice powder, honey, sugar, scrub well all over the face with a soft brush. This will remove the dead cells of the face, and blackheads will be removed. Now wash your face well with face wash. Now rub little ice cubes on the T zone of the face for 5 minutes. Apply any cream that suits your skin. It may be the foundation and primer oil base for dry skin. Applying liquid foundation covers the dull feeling of the skin. There is no need to apply compact separately when applying the powder foundation. If you want to apply eyeliner to your eyes, you can try gray, brown, lavender instead of black. It will make you more attractive. Use an eyeliner pen instead of a kajal pencil. Touch the mascara at the end. The eyes will look big and beautiful.

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