Radish is rich in nutrients, very beneficial for health. In our country, radish is available in winter, which can easily keep the body healthy. Mueller’s scientific name is Radhafanas sativas. Radishes are very varied, different in shape, fragrant, different colors, and maturation times. The radish plant has a strong odor due to the release of various mixed chemicals associated with glucosinolate, myrosinase, and isothiocyanate. Radishes are rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent colds and flu in winter.

Each 100 grams of radish contains – food energy – 18 kcal, sugar – 4.1 grams, sugar – 2.5 grams, dietary fiber – 1.6 grams, fat – 0.1 grams, meat – 0.8 grams, thiamine – 0. 02 mg, riboflavin – 0.02 mg, niacin – 0.2 mg, pantothenic acid – 0.138 mg, vitamin B: 0.047 mg, folate – 26 IU, vitamin C – 22 mg, calcium – 26 – 0.4 mg, Magnesium – 18 mg, Manganese – 0.038 mg, Phosphorus – 23 mg, Sodium – 21 mg, Zinc – 0.15 mg, Potassium – 228 mg.

Many people prefer radish because of its taste. Radish also works to increase the body’s resistance to disease. However, many are unaware of the health benefits of playing it.

Lose weight:

Radish is an ingredient that fills the stomach with a little play. Excess calories cannot enter the body. The level of water content in mulberry is very high. Simultaneously contains carbohydrates and raffia. As a result, for those who wish to lose weight, radish is a very effective ingredient.

Prevents Diabetes:

The glycemic index in Muller is shallow. As a result, eating radish never raises blood sugar levels. Besides, radish helps to mix blood sugar. As a result, blood sugar levels are never high. On the contrary, radish can keep the body healthy by maintaining blood sugar levels.

Eliminates breathing problems:

For reasons various can be a problem in our respiratory system. For example, there are colds, nasal congestion or runny nose, sore throat or swelling, lung infections, allergies, and more. Mulberry contains many vitamins, so these problems do not easily overwhelm the body. As a result, breathing problems are also eliminated.

Keeps the heart well:

Radish has many colors. The reason behind this color is the anthocyanins in Muller. This anthocyanin is actually a type of flavonoid. This ingredient also has many healthy aspects. As many studies have shown, any heart problem can be solved through mulberry. Also, this ingredient can cure cancer and inflammatory problems.

Controls blood pressure:

Radish provides potassium to the body, which helps in controlling blood pressure. Especially if you have high blood pressure, you need to include radish in your diet.

Reduces fever incidence:

Many people get cold and fever in winter. This type of problem is mainly due to dust, cold, or various infections. During this time, drinking mulberry juice with a bit of salt eliminates germs and infections. As a result, fever and cold run away.

Plenty of fiber:

Radish is rich in fiber. People who eat radish every day as a salad never have a deficiency of fiber in their body. The digestive system works properly because of the fiber.

Makes digestion easier:

Radish helps in the digestion of food. At the same time, it is also helpful in curing problems like acidity, obesity, gastric problems, and nausea.

Keeps skin looking good:

If you want glowing skin, you can eat mulberry juice every day. It contains vitamin C and phosphorus, which keeps the skin well.

Eliminates urinary problems:

Radish helps increase the amount of urine. In fact, radishes can flush out toxins from the body through urine. This keeps the kidneys healthy and reduces any problems with the bladder. It also relieves inflammatory problems in the bladder and irritation during urination.

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