Marriage brings many changes in people’s lives. In addition to building the foundation of a relationship between two people, it also creates their new identity. There is a change in their way of life, financial transactions, expression of love. For some small reason, this marital life becomes turbulent, which leads to a breakup. So some strategies can be used to establish a strong marriage. Let’s face it, and there are a few things you don’t know.

I love you:

The three words I love you have much power. Never underestimate the words. There is no need for an excuse to tell people you love about love with an open mind. Yet married people gradually forget to use these three words. Remember when you last told your partner I love you.

You look beautiful/handsome:

When you compliment your partner, your attraction and love for your partner are expressed. However, there is no time to breathe in this busy world to fulfill office and household chores. As a result, it is not time to praise your partner. But remember, the compliments you give will make your partner confident and strong. Your love will be strong.

I am always by your side:

In the busy crowd, we are physically close, but the emotional distance often increases. According to experts, the tendency to feel lonely among married couples has now become a common thing. Never let your partner think you are ‘alone.’ Tell him all the time that I am by your side.

Don’t worry, I see it:

We always take care of each other. But I forgot to express it in words. But when you express it in words, your partner will be reassured without hesitation.

There are surprises for you:

Boredom is one of the reasons for breaking up a relationship. Life is bound up with certain activities. So try to do something new all the time to get rid of boredom. On the way back from the office, you can take any cheap or expensive gift for your partner. You can take the flower of your choice. Moreover, you can eat somewhere outside at night. And don’t forget to say ‘there’s a surprise for you.’

Going out for a walk or eating:

One of the biggest mistakes in married life is that we go out or eat less after marriage. Never make this mistake. As the relationship grows stronger when you go somewhere with your partner, love also grows. He will go out with his wife at least once a month.


There is no reason to say thank you, and it can be given to any work. Thanks for dropping it off at the office, buying something from the store, or even cooking your favorite food. Plus, have you ever thanked her for being your life partner?

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