Beautiful and bright teeth enhance the beauty of everyone. Again, these teeth are the cause of much trouble. Everyone suffers more or less from toothache. Especially young children and the elderly. And this pain is very unbearable. Sometimes it doesn’t heal until treated. But you know, some home remedies can easily get rid of this pain. But let’s find out what are the home remedies.

Guava leaves:

Guava leaves are another beneficial ingredient to relieve toothache. In your mouth, guava leaves take two to three young, and it starts working in toothache; wash them in clean water and keep chewing until. Again take a few guava leaves and boil them with a little water. Then cool the water and rinse with that water.


The antibiotic and other health benefits of garlic are great for dental infections. Break a clove of garlic, add some salt to it, and apply it on your affected teeth’ gums to reduce toothache.

Warm salt water:

Rinse with a little salt in a glass of boiling water. You will see that the feeling and pain of tooth decay will be reduced. Because of hot water and salt’s effectiveness, the teeth’ tissues become active, and all the germs lose their function.

Pepper and salt:

Salt and pepper can give you comfort when your teeth are susceptible and tingling. Make a paste with a few drops of water with an equal amount of salt and pepper. Now apply this paste directly to your teeth. Applying it like this for a few days in a row will reduce toothache.

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