We all know about Vitamin C. Vitamin C’s benefits play a significant role in preventing colds or flu. Vitamin C helps to cure various diseases of the body and even skin problems.

Vitamin C is beneficial for such health. Excess vitamin C intake can also be harmful to the body. There can be many problems in your body. As well as skin allergies can occur.

According to research, 65-90 mg of vitamin C per day is recommended for any adult. The maximum dose maybe 2000 mg per day. Too much vitamin C can be harmful to you. Vitamin C overdose can cause various problems in the body.

Let’s find out what kind of problems can occur-

Kidney problems:

Excessive intake of vitamin C can lead to kidney disease. If vitamin C is taken in large quantities, the amount of iron in the body becomes high, which increases the risk of various diseases in the body. Vitamin C supplementation increases the risk of kidney damage. Too much vitamin C can increase the risk of kidney stones. This is because vitamin C contains oxalates. There is a possibility of a kidney stone.

Digestive problems:

Vitamin C provides energy to our body in various ways; besides, it also helps build our muscles. However, overdose can cause vomiting, diarrhea, kidney stones, and stomach disorders. Take limited amounts of vitamin C to avoid stomach problems in such situations.

Migraine problems:

Many health experts believe that eating too much vitamin C can cause headaches. So take vitamin C as needed.

How much vitamin C does a food contain?

> 7 percent vitamin-C is found in a medium-sized orange.

> 110 percent is available from one cup of cooked broccoli.

> You will get 121 percent from a raw pepper.

> A guava has 140 percent vitamin C.

> You can eat yellow bell pepper to make up for the lack of vitamin C. Half a cup of yellow bell paper contains 152 percent vitamin C.

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