There is no end to the pain of hair in winter. Many people are too late to shampoo in the cold.

When shampooing is done at least twice a week, many go through it once in the winter. As a result, more dirt accumulates in the hair. Dandruff occurs and with it additional hair loss.
Many people are upset because they lose more hair in winter than in the whole year. Even when using many products on the market, there are not many benefits. Then there is frustration, the way out of this frustration is in your own hands.
To stop hair loss and grow new hair, make your own amla or Amalaki oil without relying on outside market products.

How to:

Take half a cup of Amalaki, one cup of extra virgin coconut oil, half a cup of sesame or mustard oil, and half a teaspoon of fenugreek.
Take a little crushed amalki. Then put all the ingredients together in a deep pot and put on the fire. After ten minutes, when the smoke starts coming out of the oil, take it down and cool it.

Now fill the oil bottle and keep it in the dark place. Rub twice a week on the scalp and whole hair. If you have time, leave it overnight. If not, leave it for an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.

Just use it for a month and understand the difference yourself.

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