Problems like acne and rashes increase with the heat. Especially those whose skin is oily, suffer from acne during hot weather. It is not just the hot or dusty dirt that causes acne. Acne can be caused by various factors, including hormonal problems, stress, and lack of sleep.

You have to go to a party tomorrow, and when you wake up in the morning, you see acne on your face. The eyes went up to the forehead! He doesn’t have to worry anymore. Today we will tell you how to cover acne with makeup. Let’s find out then.

How to cover acne with makeup?

First, you have to clean the skin well. Prepare the skin for makeup by applying toner and moisturizer.

Now apply the primer. If you apply the primer beforehand, the makeup will not come in direct contact with the skin. If you do not want to apply primer on the whole face, you can also apply it only on acne or blemishes.

Carefully apply a concealer that matches the skin color on acne, old acne scars, or other blemishes. Now blend with a makeup brush. Acne will fade.

Now apply the foundation of your choice on the whole face or just on the acne areas. Mix a little foundation with a blending sponge. If you don’t want to use foundation, you can also apply BB or CC cream.

Now set the makeup with compact skin. The face will not look too shiny.

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