Women are constantly flocking to makeup shops to buy makeup items. But as much as you are aware when buying makeup, are you also aware of the rest of the things that go with makeup? Do you choose a makeup brush with as much time as you choose your makeup lipstick or foundation shade? Or you are applying foundation on the skin with the brush, wipe it off a little and then apply the powder as well. Are your lipstick brushes and lipliner brushes the same? But then there are many problems. As you know, compact or foundation or concealer works differently, just like all the brushes for applying them are also different. Many, however, continue to work on the shortcut with their fingers. And for those who are just starting with makeup, it may seem like a simple task with your fingers, but it’s not a very healthy one for your face. And since you have been asked to use a brush, you will buy many different brushes, but not that. So here are a few makeup brushes that you may or may not need.

Foundation blending brush

This brush looks round and a little thick. After applying the foundation lightly on the face with a few drops, gently mix it around with this brush. The foundation will blend very nicely and smoothly on the skin and not stick to the spots if you can do this.

Concealer brush

Many people use concealer to cover the dark spots on the skin, so they need to have a concealer brush. This brush is pressed and slightly narrower to look at. And the bristles are flexible but tough. This brush is most effective if you want to apply concealer on any part of your skin.

Powder brush

Although this brush looks a bit like a foundation brush, its bezel side is much more hollow and puffy. You can blend translucent powder or compact very perfectly with this brush. This brush will even be useful for blushing.

Blending brush

Do you want to blend highlighter or eyeshadow nicely? Then put a blending brush in your stock today. This brush’s faces are tiny to blend the corners of the eyes very perfectly.

Highlighter brush

Many people nowadays use different highlighters to bring extra brightness to the nose, cheekbones, or chin. If you put on a highlighter, you have to bring a normal beautiful finish. And for this, you will need a highlighter brush. This brush looks like a triangular fan, so many people know it as a fan brush. The bristles of this brush are much finer and not too thick. And this is why the highlighter can be easily blended nicely.

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