Do you like to apply foundation? Then it would be best if you keep the following rules in mind. Because if you can’t lay the right shade foundation properly, then the opposite can happen instead of beauty. So use the right shade foundation carefully beforehand.

Do not apply many foundations:

It is imperative to choose the foundation that matches the skin. If it seems that the foundation does not match the skin color, you have made a mistake in choosing or applying the color. Applying more foundation will make a face look very artificial and pale. It will make you look weird instead of beautiful.

Choose the right shade:

The foundation must be chosen in broad daylight. I can’t understand the real color of the foundation in artificial light. Always check the shade by applying the foundation on the jaw bone, not by hand.

Buy the right formula foundation:

Depending on your skin type, which type of foundation will be most suitable for you, liquid, cream, or powder foundation. Not all types of foundation will suit all skin types. So it would be best if you kept that in mind when buying.

Don’t rush:

There is no rush at all when buying a foundation. If you like a shed for the first time, buy it, don’t do that. Only buy after checking the samples well before buying. And when planting, you should not rush at all! Applying the moisturizer well on the face, apply the foundation drop by drop and blend with a wet sponge. And you have to give as much time as you need to do this whole thing. If you have very little time on hand, it is better to apply BB or CC cream instead of foundation.

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