Those who have small members in the house have to take extra precautions during the winter. Because excess cold can cause various diseases in the baby. One of the physical problems of children is dehydration. Water is constantly coming out of the body of everyone, big or small.
During the toilet and through breathing, crying, and sweating, water evaporates from the skin. In winter, children eat less water or liquid food, which causes dehydration in the body. Dehydration means a lack of fluid in the body, which can interfere with the body’s ability to function properly. Many times that can lead to brain damage, even death. So whether dehydration is happening should be monitored.

It can also cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sweating, eating fewer fluids due to illness, and dehydration due to hot weather. Dehydration symptoms include abdominal problems, nausea, loss of appetite, decreased urination or dry urine, dry lips, cracked lips, dry skin, no tears in the baby’s eyes, dry mouth, dry energy level, decreased heart rate, increased heart rate.

What to do if the baby is dehydrated-

> Give the baby more soup, liquid things

> If you are dehydrated, you can eat the banana, rice.

> Do not stop breastfeeding the baby.

> As well as fruit juice, you can drink water.

When to take to the doctor

If you see that the child’s problem is increasing, then you must consult a doctor. Problems that can occur if dehydration is severe – Urine that does not last more than three hours, blood that comes out of the mouth with dry stools. Always keep an eye on the baby, then dehydration will be caught before it takes a serious shape.

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