Fashion is constantly changing. It can be called a tidal wave because many old clothes are also being added to fashion. Kaftan has become a trendy way. Kaftan is the name given to this garment, made in the shape of a bat’s wing in different cloth types.
This new trend has gained popularity as it is quite comfortable and fashionable. In this, you can keep a kaftan in your collection. As before, festival-crazy Bengalis are not able to go shopping in shopping malls or shops. But online shopping can be done. Now, this trend is going on. So you can go online to keep kaftan in your collection.

You can easily find this kaftan in many places. Prices are also within reach. Again you can make a kaftan by yourself with the old sari, large size scarf. You can customize the neck of your favorite kaftan with the English letters V, U, or round. You can also put a small locket near the chest of the kaftan. Then you will see that the look of your favorite clothes has completely changed.

Can arrange a rope near the waist. If tied tightly, the clothes will be tight, and a little novelty will come. You can also make various designs on the bottom of the kaftan. If you want, you can make a long haircut. Again, if you are not accustomed to wearing very long dresses, you can keep them up to the knees. If you don’t want to make it very simple, you can cut the bottom part of the kaftan. You can zigzag or make one side big and one side small.

This time the worship is quite hot. So light and comfortable clothing are ideal for walking around in the pandal. However, there is considerable doubt about how much fun Bengalis will enjoy idol-seeing with blisters on their feet after wearing new clothes and shoes this year. Well, don’t worry about it. Time will tell how to worship. However, you can buy a kaftan following the new fashion trends. Again, if you want, you can order and make this comfortable but fashionable dress.

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