There is no substitute for a beautiful hairstyle with a beautiful sari. But, many times, you may not understand what kind of hairstyle to do with what kind of saree. Like all your problems, we are here to solve this problem with today’s article.

Along with the sari, the hair should also be decorated accordingly. Because of the lack of proper hairstyle, the whole outfit is ruined. So take a look at some hairstyles that match with the sari.

Twisted braid:

Make two ponytails on the back of the head. Then divide one ponytail into two. Twist the two parts one by one. Put a rubber band at the end. Then take those two parts and twist them with each other. Tighten with a hairpin. You can also put a flower on one side of the edge.

Floral BrideFloral Bride:

First, ponytail the back of the head. Leave a little hair on either side of the ponytail. Loosen the front part of the ponytail. Then take a little hair from the ponytail’s front, twist it back and apply it through the loose part. Then twist the parts except for the front in the same way. Apply through the loose part. Then twist the hair at the very back of the ponytail and twist it. Stick with hairpins.

Flower BrideFlower Bride:

Leave some hair on either side of the head. Now do two braids with the back hair. It would be nice if the braid were a little thicker. But if the hair is short, loosen the braid shots a little. Now wrap another braid with one braid and make a circle. Now braid the hair on both sides of the front. First, round the braid on the right and wrap it around the hut. Then apply the left one. Attach with a hairpin.

French Benefrench Beni:

A beanie with a sari looks great. To do this, cut the scalp on the right side of some hair in front of the head. Now start braiding with the hair on the right side of the front of the head. Now braid the hair on the back of the head. Combine the braid on the front of the head with that braid. The braid should be on one side. Now it will be better to loosen the braid a little.

Ross Banros Ban:

First, ponytail the front part of the hair. Now divide the ponytail into two parts. Tangle with one another. Now round the spiral part and apply it to the head. Attach with a hairpin. After applying, loosen the hair part a little and inflate it. Do it in a way that looks like a flower.

Fish Tail:

Comb the hair well. Then start braiding from the front part of the front of the head. The braid will go all the way down. Just leave a little bit of the part at the end. Blow the braid a little loose. I would love to.

Simple styleSimple style:

First, divide the back hair into two parts. Then tie one with the other according to the picture. Tie tight. Then first, make a circle with the left side—day with a hairpin. Then circle the right side. Stick with hairpins. Then attach the whole bun with a hairpin. Simple yet stylish.

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