Bhuri bhuri medicine for knee pain must eat? But how much peace are you getting? The money is being spent. But how much are you doing? Have you ever massaged your knees with oil? There are tremendous benefits to this oil massage.

Improves blood circulation:

Proper massage improves blood circulation, and as a result of this knee massage, blood circulation in all parts of the body is restored. This massage increases oxygen and blood flow to all parts of the legs, reducing pain quickly.

Relaxes the knee:

Knee massage helps to relax the knees. It makes the whole body relax. As a result, the fatigue of the knees is removed a lot. Why only the knees, the body’s fatigue is also removed a lot, which reduces the pain, so you will see how good it will feel after the knee massage.

Pain disappears:

There is probably nothing better than knee massage for knee pain problems. To relax the knee at the moment, and to reduce the pain from the inside a little bit of the jury match weight. But for this, you have to massage with the right oil, which is useful in case of knee pain and the message properly. Massage with light hands without pressure, so that it is comfortable. And as I said before, it improves blood circulation. So the pain will be less.

Mind you:

Walking with these feet, running all day is much work. So after the whole day, the body gets tired with the feet. And we forget to take care of these feet. So sometimes unbearable pain starts. So, in this case, massage only keeps the body well. Not only that, but it also relaxes the mind. It fills the energy for many more knee pains, as much as it hurts, I feel more pain than fear. But if you take it in your mind beforehand, this pain will not decrease, I can do something else. No, etc. But then you will never be able to stand. Because even if your body can, your mind will stop you. So do a massage that will make your mind flutter.

Much better than medicine:

Take much medicine every day to reduce knee pain, to tell you the truth, how good are you at all? Yes, the pain is less. Is it right to fill the body with so many drugs, chemical drugs? So when there is a good therapy like massage, which costs less and works from the inside out, why waste money only on medicine? To reduce knee pain, you need the right oil, which will help to reduce the pain. See how to make oil.

Ginger oil:

Not only does this, ginger oil help reduce foot pain. The heart is also good for, reduces hypertension, has a cold, and is also good for those. There are thousands of other benefits.


Coconut or olive oil Fresh ginger and 1 cup.


Grate the ginger first or pick it up. Then put it in coconut oil or olive oil. Boil it less. You have to boil it on low heat; otherwise, the oil will burn. Slowly the ginger will come out of the extracted oil. Then collect the oil by squeezing the ginger into the oil. The knees with light hands Now massage it on. If it is not possible every day, do it three or four days a week.

Mustard oil:

the oil will reduce the pain Do you think mustard Yes, mustard oil is for knee pain and helps reduce leg pain, back pain, muscle pain, and it is also instrumental in cold and cough.


A cup of mustard oil and some garlic.


This oil is as effective as it is easy to make. Nothing, take mustard oil. Now add a few cloves of garlic in it. Boil it well on low heat. Boil it for a long time on deficient heat. Boil it for an hour. Could you do it? Do it three days a week. You will see how much relief you will get from the pain.

Then you saw how much you could benefit from this massage. I also gave you how to make oil at home. Then make oil at home and stay free from the pain of this life of the knee.

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