Due to the heat, you have to be uncomfortable every time. Now it is raining again. Many people do not know exactly what kind of hairstyle will be comfortable this season. Again, you can not understand what type of hair tie will adapt to yourself.
So learn 2 hairstyles to solve this problem, which will take care of your comfort and beauty. But let’s find out how to tie hair.

1. Side bun:

This is a wonderful hairstyle. The low side bun looks quite stylish and unique. Not too hard to do. Suitable for any sari or long dress. Besides, you can try this hairstyle anywhere.


First, comb the hair well. Sinthi on one side of the head. Now bring all the hair to the right side of the neck and tie it with a band. Now take small parts from the hair and stick it with a clip. Wrap the rest of the hair in small parts in the same manner. Then the low side is ready. This style will go well with any casual outfit.

2. Messi Ban:

Messi Bun is a straightforward hairstyle, which you can easily do at home. It fits with any casual attire.


First, comb the hair with the help of fingers. Now tie a ponytail high. Now wrap the rest of the hair with the help of hands and stick it in a round shape like a ban. Take out the hair locks on both sides in front of the head.

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