I definitely love to eat sweet pumpkin. This delicious vegetable is on the list of everyone’s choice, big or small. This nutritious vegetable is also easily available in the market. Sweet pumpkin can also be eaten fried, mashed, or cooked with curry.
But today, there is a different pumpkin recipe. Make delicious korma with sweet pumpkin, which is good to eat with rice or bread. This term is also straightforward to create. Hot sweet pumpkin korma also looks great to eat with luchi or parotta. Let’s find out the recipe without delay-

Ingredients: 500 gms of sweet pumpkin cut into small pieces, one teaspoon of panchforan, two dried chilies, 6 whole green chilies, two onion pieces, one tablespoon of almond paste, one cup of sour curd beaten, coriander leaves crushed, mustard Like the amount of oil, a little sugar, like salt to taste.

Method: Wash the sweet pumpkin, add water and a little salt. In a pan, add 2 tablespoons of oil, dried chilies, and panchphoran. Then leave the pumpkins in oil and lightly fry on both sides. Now add raw chili, onion, and all other ingredients. However, coriander leaves can not be given now. If necessary, rinse a little with 1 cup of water. When the oil is removed from the cooking, cover it with coriander leaves for a minute. Yes, take it off the heat and serve hot—delicious sweet pumpkin korma.

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