Dry fruits are almost always on the breakfast list. In addition to almonds, cashews, raisins, prunes, there are many other types of dry fruits available in the store. Dry fruits are actually prepared by drying fresh fruit. The fruit is dried in the sun or dried using technology. It is possible to store the fruit for many days as the water inside it is completely dry. These dry fruits are suitable enough for breakfast at any time.

Dry fruits are very beneficial not only for breakfast but also for the body. Benefits the body in many ways.

Due to the combination of many vitamins, many vitamins enter the body at once and increase immunity.

Helps to lose weight, but playing too much can lead to diabetes. So it would help if you refrained from eating more than you need.

Relieves constipation.

Keeps the stomach calm by suppressing hunger.

Dry fruits contain a lot of anti-ageing ingredients, which makes the look youthful.

It contains various nutrients, which helps to overcome anaemia.

Beneficial for teeth, bones and eyes.

Keeping the heart healthy by controlling the body’s cholesterol.

It keeps the mind well by removing depression.

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